Practices of Value Co-creation; The case of Special lighting Application Company E

  • 莊 國華

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Science and information bring the evolution of the times but also a wave to change the business strategy thinking of enterprises management academics develop and promote the most impeccable management theory through the practical needs of enterprise like the Porter’s “ Five Forces Analysis Model” that emerged in 1980s is the strategy of the Outside-in In the 1990s to emphasize core competency was an Inside-out Corporate Strategy By the beginning of the new century six sigma measurement was pursued to help companies gain higher operating advantages and efficiency and lower operating costs But these are all focus on the enterprise quality cost and speed However facing the current age of Knowledge Economy in 21st century rich consumer knowledge and common sense enterprises begin to pay attention to customer value proposition although reflects the needs of customers but the enterprise is also standing in its own view one-sided value created by the enterprise to consumers This study was attempted by strategic thinkers C K Prahalad as well as Venkat Ramaswamy's "Value Co-creation" for case study and summarize “Five Steps to Value Co-creation Strategic Thinking” by VCC (Value Co-create Community) To deduce the interaction between problems and factors by observing commercial practice of fishing lamps as study case Explore how the "DART" technique can be used as the direction of action initiation and the impact of implementation under the asymmetry of product information between manufacturers and customers To establish a state of "Co-Create Value" between the manufacturer customer and the relevant stakeholders to promote the "Value Co-Creation" practical application reference for industries This study adopts the Case Study method of Qualitative Research Method through primary semi-structured interviewing and collect collate secondary data then analyze the success key of “What is the core factors to achieve Value Co-Creation between the manufacturers and the customers and the relevant stakeholders?” This study is intended to fill the gap in academic research in order to achieving better deeds for business operation in the future
Date of Award2020
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorShih-Chieh Fang (Supervisor)

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