Preliminary Design of Passenger Catamaran for Developing Small Island Tourism in Indonesia

  • 李 漢生

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Indonesia which has about 17 508 islands where 10 000 of them are small islands with the coastline along 81 000 km sea area reaching about 3 1 million km2 and coral reef about 50 875 km2 Indonesia has huge potential for the development of maritime tourism The development of marine tourism potential has a strategic significance in the development of maritime culture multi-sector business regional economy and strengthening community participation Tourism on a small island can bring a good opportunity for the local people in that area Increasing the number of destination and investment in tourism make the tourism as a key point for money income creating a job opportunity contribute to a general improvement in the quality of life development business and infrastructure for that area To support the government’s program and all the idea above catamaran passenger ship is needed The catamaran ship will help people and tourist to reach the small island as the main support for the marine tourism After we collect data we calculate and decide the catamaran requirements for the related island (Derawan Island – Kakaban Island – Maratua Island) according to the ship design method and concept The preliminarily designed ships will accommodate 7 crews and 80 passengers at the hull side equipped with a glass bottom to help passenger enjoying the underwater scenery sea view This ship main dimension is Lwl = 20 m B = 7 3 m H = 2 4 Draft = 1 105 m and Service speed 20 knots Based on the analysis the total building cost production of this catamaran passenger ship is 259 220 US$ or about 7 924 369 NTD
Date of Award2018 Jul 20
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJeng-Horng Chen (Supervisor)

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