Preliminary Study of Sustainable Tourism Development in Cijin Coast, Taiwan

  • 王 一誠

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Cijin is an outer bank located at the western side of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Its coast is a popular recreation site for city residents and visitors. Tourism development in Cijin plays an important role of supporting local economics. However, to promote the tourism may accelerate impacts reaching the critical threshold where the natural and cultural resources become so degraded that it loses its attractions to tourists. The aims of this study are to recognize strengths and weaknesses of promoting tourism in Cijin coast, and then to propose strategies for sustainable development.

To understand how to promote tourism that provides maximum benefits to local people and the coastal environment, while having minimal negative impacts upon them, this study focuses on three themes: assessment of coastal tourism resources, analysis of environmental carrying capacities for tourism, and analysis of tourism marketing supports.

Coastal tourism resources were assessed by a pre-derived hierarchical structure with two categories: characteristics of tourism resources as well as developmental potentials. Each category consists of several criteria and was evaluated by a questionnaire for tourists in this study. Those elements of higher weight and lower score in the hierarchy are considered as questions which claim precedence over all others.

The impacts of tourism development could be estimated through the calculation of carrying capacities of natural, socio-cultural, and economic environment. The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) was executed to assemble experts’ opinions on choosing the proper indicators of carrying capacities for sustainable tourism development in Cijin coast.

The resu1ts of this research show that as tourism development in Cijin coast is growing slowly, so do its associated impacts. However, how to promote the tourism may be of immediate significance before the impacts degrade the natural and socio-cultural resources of coastal tourism.
Date of Award2010
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorZsu-Hsin Chuang (Supervisor)

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