QR Code Beautification Based on Gauss-Jordan Elimination and a Novel Rendering Method

  • 李 建翰

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


QR code beautification is generally formulated as an optimization problem that minimizes the visual perception distortion subject to acceptable decoding rate However since the arithmetic operations of RS code are defined over a finite field F normal convex optimization approaches cannot be directly applied Consequently solving the optimization problem becomes a challenge and related works usually take much time to generate an approximate result In this work we propose a two-stage approach to generate QR code with high quality visual content In the first stage a baseline QR code with poor visual quality is first synthesized based on the Gauss-Jordan elimination procedure In the second stage a rendering mechanism is designed to improve the visual quality while avoid affecting the decodability of the QR code The experimental results show that the proposed method substantially enhances the appearance of the QR code and the processing complexity is near real-time
Date of Award2014 Aug 6
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorTong-Yee Lee (Supervisor)

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