Quantum Steering in Radical-pair Model

  • 古 煥宇

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


It is known that some species use the geomagnetic fi eld of Earth for orientation and navigation The chemical compass of the radical-pair model may explain the behaviour of a bird's navigation Some papers have already suggested that the sensitivity on the singlet-product yield is the key quantify for the navigation Since the radical-pair model is based on quantum mechanics it is suggested that long-lived quantum coherence and entanglement may play a role in navi- gation However the entanglement is shown to be independent of the direction between the geomagnetic eld and the radical pair In this thesis we use the quantum steering which is from the consideration of the local hidden state" to investigate the radical-pair model Steering is a quantum correlation between Bell's inequality and entanglement We show that the temporal steerable weight depends on the direction of the geomagnetic eld It may help us to understand the quantum correlation in the radical-pair model
Date of Award2015 Jul 3
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYueh-Nan Chen (Supervisor)

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