Queuing Categories and its Strategy in Tourism Service

  • 林 友淳

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


When the information spread gets more easily and faster nowadays the famous shops scenic spots products all kinds of goods or service may become a night burst hot issue The queue or say waiting line therefore had become an ordinary scene To wait in a line is a tiring task to customers the queuers However the shops or service providers are love to see the queue in front of their business It somehow represent as a popular one the good reputation or a great desire of the service they provide It’s also the best and free advertisement for the business owner But this is also an era of experience economic; people would also put their focus on the experience they acquired from the process When unpleasant queuing experiences keep happened it may weaken the competitiveness of the service and finally lose its market since no one like to have a negative feel when they pay for goods or services In tourism domain the feelings in the queue need to be care more since there is always a crowd of people at a same area To take care about the process of queuing also can avoid many trouble since a guest with negative emotion is easily to be picky and spread the negative atmosphere around Therefore this research conducted in-depth interviews to understand what people feel and the situation when they are in a queue over 20 minutes And exploring the relationship between different proposition of a service and the possible strategies for queuing experience improvement
Date of Award2016 Sep 6
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChia-Han Yang (Supervisor)

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