Real-Time LIDAR–Camera Multi-Object Tracking System for Autonomous Vehicle Application

  • 陳 家年

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Self-driving cars will profoundly affect human life patterns in the future Perhaps it is already progressive especially the current level2 automatic assisted driving has changed the driving mode of humans on highways In order to toward to autonomous driving Taiwan government invests in self-driving cars field and builds a test field in various administrative regions Due to the different application scenarios in Asia compared to countries in other regions Countries in Europe and the United States often have straight roads and most of the objects are cars There are many winding streets in Asia and a large proportion of objects are mo-torcycles bicycles and pedestrians This thesis attempts to propose a multi-object tracking system suitable for street scenes in Taiwan Motorcycles and bicycles are smaller objects especially as the distance increases the smaller the reflective area of the object and the less data the LiDAR and camera can receive from the object This thesis combines the ad-vantages of LiDAR and camera to improve the features difference of objects and long-distance object tracking Finally the system is implemented on NCKU Autonomous Vehicle and uses a low-power AI accelerator as a deep learning inference engine
Date of Award2020
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJyh-Chin Juang (Supervisor)

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