Real-Time Surface Plasmon Resonance Measurement of Silver Nanoparticles Synthesized by Scanning Thermal Lithography

  • 林 乙強

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) of silver nanoparticles in-situ synthesized by the scanning thermal lithography (SThL) was monitored in real time via the fiber-based spectrometer Optical-transparent poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET) preloaded with silver precursor silver trifluoroacetate was spin-coated on a slide followed by the solvent annealing process to improve the thermal resistance and mechanical strength Obtained PET layer was cut and transferred to a side-polished optical fiber (SPOF) SThL involved the scanning probe microscope equipped with a nano-scaled thermal probe capable of a localized heating that triggers the silver nanoparticle formation from the precursor Furthermore an energetic cumene hydroperoxide was added to provide extra joule heat during the SThL As a result the energetic-assisted SThL produced and patterned the silver nanoparticles in the PET layer at the temperature as low as 200oC SThL stamping produced a cluster of silver nanoparticles embedded in the PET layer During the SThL the absorption spectra were monitored in real time by a spectrometer connected to the SPOF A SThL with 2-dimensional array patterns revealed a slight SPR red-shift as the stamping distance was shortened In such case two stamping clusters encouraged the SPR coupling that altered the SPR characteristics This work successfully demonstrated the real time monitoring of SThL-synthesized silver nanoparticles as well as their SPR profiles during the SThL fabrication with or without plasmonic coupling
Date of Award2014 Aug 29
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChangshu Kuo (Supervisor)

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