Relationships between asthma and short-term exposure to fine particulate matter in Taiwan-integrated application of a national health data and the air quality data

  • 林 姿蓉

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Asthma is a recurrent attack of airflow obstruction Once the patient is exposed to risk factors it may cause symptoms of acute asthma Many studies have pointed out that asthma can be divided into early-onset asthma and late-onset asthma according to the age The mechanism of the attack between the two is completely different Also in terms of air pollutant exposure it’s limited by the number and distribution of air quality monitoring stations This study used a case-crossover study design to select asthma patients from National Health Insurance Research Database of Health and Welfare Data Science Center from 2008 to 2015 according to the disease diagnosis code of the International Classification of Diseases-9 code The environmental monitoring data used in this study was taken from the air quality monitoring data of the Environmental Protection Administration and the observation data of the Central Weather Bureau automatic weather station This study found that acute asthma attacks were positively correlated with PM2 5 O3 NOx but only patients in early-onset asthma negatively correlated with SO2 Among all NOx has the most significant impact on the risk of acute attacks the higher the NOx concentration the greater the impact on the risk of acute asthma attacks When PM2 5 and O3 is below a certain concentration the risk of an acute asthma attack is small However once the concentration exceeds this concentration range the risk of the acute attack of asthma will increase significantly
Date of Award2020
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorPi-cheng chen (Supervisor)

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