Relationships between the environmental initiatives and impact reductions in the indicators in CSR reports of construction companies

  • 林 瑞絲

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


A company takes environmental initiatives in order to increase environmental performance This research studied the environmental initiatives and performance indicators disclosed in the CSR reports of eight construction companies during a 5 year period based on GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) guidelines The relationships between the environmental initiatives and impact reductions were investigated and determined In addition the compliance with GRI requirements the aspects in which the eight companies were focusing their environmental management on and some improvement needs were highlighted The results show that companies focused on water withdrawal and GHG emission aspects because of more information on the indicators EN8 and EN16 In the CSR reports analyzed the indicators with the largest number of the relationships are EN3 and EN16 Both have 18% of the relationships The largest number of relationships between initiatives and impacts of a company is 32% These percentages are based on the number of indicators analyzed the number of companies analyzed and the period of time In order for companies to improve CSR reporting a reporting process is suggested This process can help companies to report information in a more standardized way and also to increase the completeness of the information reported
Date of Award2016 Aug 9
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorAndrew S. Chang (Supervisor)

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