Reputation Auction Games for Cooperative Communications over Green Wireless Networks

  • 顏 偉舜

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Cooperative communication is a simple but effective scheme to reduce outage probability and increase energy efficiency for next-generation green wireless networks However the assumption that all users of wireless networks would be willing to help transmission is not realistic To address this issue a previous work proposed a reputation auction scheme to stimulate users to perform cooperative transmission via the concept of indirect reciprocity The scenarios of cooperating with single- and multiple-relay were considered However the performance analysis with multiple relay was not provided Accordingly this thesis proposes a mathematical model to derive the outage probability for the proposed reputation auction framework under the scenario of multiple relays In this model the reputation value and the corresponding transmission power are considered jointly and the approximated outage probability of the system over Rayleigh fading channels is derived The simulation and analytical model results are in a good agreement Finally this thesis presents an adaptive scheme to decide when to use the single-relay scheme and when to apply the multiple-relay one According to simulation results the outage performance of the adaptive scheme outperforms both the single-relay only and the multiple-relay only schemes
Date of Award2015 Aug 22
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorHui-Tang Lin (Supervisor)

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