Research on Marketing Strategies of the Jin-Tz-Duo Factory

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Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Taiwan's textile industry has been in critical condition for the dramatic changes of global market The purpose of this research was to investigate the marketing strategy effectiveness of Jin-Tz-Duo Women Underwear Factory Consumer satisfaction and profitability were defined as the strategy effectiveness Three stages including formation planning and implementation were discussed and analyzed in this study In-depth interview was conducted in this research There were 7 interviewees including Jin-Tz-Duo underwear factory leader heads of various departments and consumers There were 6 research findings Firstly the marketing strategy formation was affected by the factory leader Secondly consumers were satisfied with the marketing strategy formation Thirdly customers were satisfied with diversified products Fourthly similar products from mainland China were highly marketable Fifthly marketing strategy was affected by production costs Sixthly new employee training programs should be improved Based on the above research findings there were 6 suggestions Firstly communication mechanism with the government should be established Secondly both creativity costs and production costs should be considered in forming the marketing strategy Thirdly it would be better to have more diversified products than before Fourthly marketing strategies should be developed and improved Fifthly the new employee training should be improved by various ways Sixthly government policies should be well integrated with the textile industry In sum current factory marketing strategy could effectively improve customer satisfaction and profitability
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYung-Nane Yang (Supervisor)

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