Research on the Behavior of Cohesionless Soil Subjected to Cyclic Load under Drained and Undrained Conditions

  • 林 ?聖

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


React to the development of offshore wind energy and the outlook of the offshore engineering in Taiwan the permanent deformation and the excess pore pressure generated in the cohesionless soil under cyclic load were further researched in this thesis The cyclic triaxial test and the triaxial consolidation test were used To extend the application of the SDM the relative density of specimen the scale of the stress and the initial cyclic stress ratio were taken as the control variables to explore the effects on the empirical parameters in the SDM On the other hand to predict the excess pore pressure in the soil during the cyclic load this thesis used the triaxial test to determine the necessary parameters for the calculation The results revealed that the empirical parameters in the SDM are dependent on the relative density of specimen and the initial cyclic stress ratio The relationships between them were constructed in this research In the section of predicting the excess pore pressure the results showed that the model proposed by Martin et al is available if the volumetric strain of the soil can be estimated The results in this thesis are able to extend the scope of the application of the intrinsic methods and practically be used in the foundation design procedures of offshore engineering
Date of Award2020
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYu-Shu Kuo (Supervisor)

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