Research on the value co-creation of the information service industry value system

  • 曾 允芃

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


With the advancement of information technology and the trend of global industry 4 0 the application of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence machine learning and blockchain has also become a trend and the information service industry has been regarded as a key industry for development by the government Taiwan is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises and many information service industries still operate under the traditional supply chain Therefore this study interviewed the leading company A in the industry Although it is not a new industry or a platform enterprise it relies on the power of integration And the data ecosystem still able to take off in difficult times This study analyzes how the information services industry creates value and hopes to give other traditional industries as a mirror to introduce platform thinking into the traditional linear supply chain The research method of this study is a single case study method in the qualitative research method which refers to the conceptual framework proposed by Payne Storbacka & Frow in 2008 and is improved because this study aims to explore how the industrial value chain (system) create value together so we expand the two segments of the supplier and the customer into the upstream midstream and downstream customers to understand how the value system creates value and obtain individual value Since we want to understand how the relationships between the three classes interact we transform the linear value chain into three equivalent elements to form a triangle to facilitate the discussion of the relationship and interaction between the two Therefore the fourth chapter will discuss the price creation process contact process relationship and learning of the three
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorShih-Chieh Fang (Supervisor)

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