Resource Management Strategy and Business Model of Taiwan's Traditional Bank under Digital Financial Environment

  • 陳 建全

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


With the rapid development of financial technology banking activities have become more complex and dynamic Traditional banks facing more uncertainties need to learn how to manage resources On the other hand it the rise of internet-only bank has created a new business profit model By introducing new partners and fintech traditional banks hope to think out of the box to develop new customer groups and create a new blue ocean market The purpose of this study is to focus on Taiwan's banking industry through case analysis based on the resource dependence theory to understand the impact of industry changes on the business strategy of resource management and to explore how traditional banks can transform the past business model to identify business opportunities brought by digital development This study uses a traditional bank for case study and the study found that: (1) for changes in the financial digital environment the banking industry uses long-term contracts as its symbiotic interdependencies resource management strategy while competitive interdependencies resource management strategy is adopted by the third group chain mechanism and strategic alliance Environmental changes bring about strategic changes mainly after financial digitization and symbiotic interdependencies resource management strategy no longer use the network method of establishing good goodwill and strategic alliance (2) by analyzing the change of business model how to create new value through customer compartments to enable enterprises continuously transfer value sustainable competitive advantage and thus increase profits It is hoped that this study can serve as reference for enterprises
Date of Award2020
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorWen-Ting Lin (Supervisor)

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