Revealing Patterns of Designing with Parametric Design Patterns

  • 蘇 修白

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


This research aims to reveal the tacit knowledge of designing with parametric design patterns The research objectives are: identifying patterns of using parametric design patterns in modeling; establishing a framework to describe the identified patterns of modeling and designing; and verifying and validating the framework through case studies and practical applications Methods of literature survey case studies and hands on practices are employed to achieve the objectives Through extensive literature survey and case studies the framework–Apalapade–is proposed to document knowledge of parametric design The framework contains elements of words phrases and sentences A word signifies a parametric design pattern A phrase a composition of words identifies compositional and idiomatic use of two or more parametric design patterns A sentence a set of words and phrases presents a semi-lattice network of parametric design patterns that addresses a design problem involving fabrication and construction Apalapade is validated through three case studies of known building projects To verify the framework and demonstrate its expressive power a design-build project is conducted A full-scale mock-up of partial fa?ade is built to examine uses of parametric design patterns at various levels of design tasks The task levels range from designing the building envelope to individual fa?ade panels for manufacturing To conclude this thesis devises the Apalapade framework to document designs using parametric design patterns; to describe the knowledge of parametric design; and to help designers integrating design tasks involving fabrication and construction Future directions of this thesis are to investigate the expressive power of Apalapade with more designers and design projects and to enhance Apalapade with tools for element navigation and structure visualization
Date of Award2016 Sep 8
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorSheng-Fen Chien (Supervisor)

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