Revealing the City Environmental Impact on the Business Innovation – a Perspective from Migrant Lifestyle Entrepreneurs in Tainan Taiwan

  • 范 怡蓁

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


A city is often valued as a scope in urban development researches when evaluating various aspects such as culture and commerce based on demographics markets and industries Over the years as new industries and business models emerges urban development researches shift from questioning how to build a habitable environment to exploring how the city environment nurtures creativity and innovation which contribute back to shaping a city’s cultural aspects According to John Howkins an environment of diversity such as a city can stimulate the adaptively of its inhabitants On the economy aspect innovation on business model usually reflects from a progressive turn in city environment which could further increase the diversity of a city This process forms a looping circle which this research had coined as the “creative ecology loop” This study is based on Howkins’ “Creative Ecologies” theory to discuss the relationship and dynamics between a city environment and its human inhabitants within the scope of innovative activities in practicing lifestyle business Based on observation the recent business trend in Tainan City suggested a peculiarity of how there seems to be an increasing number of non-locals migrating to Tainan City to start up lifestyle businesses To justify this observed trend this research interviewed five migrant lifestyle entrepreneurs from different sub-lifestyle industries In-depth interviews were made to collect first-hand insights which reveals the dynamic relationship between the city and its inhabitants Results of this research suggest that as an environment a city can be a resource to promote and support innovative activity The raising business trend is not the sole motive to attract migrants Furthermore the lenient laid-back city culture of Tainan and the mutualistic cluster of migrant lifestyle entrepreneurs could also be the encouraging factors for similar entrepreneurship
Date of Award2014 Sep 9
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorHsiao-Ling Chung (Supervisor)

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