Robust Control Design of Four-Rotor Rotorcrafts

  • 周 伯諱

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Obviously the dynamic motion equations of Four-Rotor rotorcrafts which includes the physical behavior of wind gusts reveals the highly nonlinear and complex characteristics of this kind of flying vehicle and this paper presents a nonlinear robust control strategy consisted of a two-loop control structure to solve the waypoint tracking problem for Four-Rotor rotorcrafts In first control loop the position errors are considered for achieving a null steady-state error before the controlled Four-Rotor rotorcraft arrives at each of the predefined waypoints based on the feedback linearization control method and a nonlinear robust controller is simultaneously developed in the second control loop based on the attitude errors to stabilize the rotational movements during wind gusts constantly act on the system Simulation results show the excellent tracking performance of this proposed robust control design when encountering the inevitable natural power: wind gusts
Date of Award2014 Aug 24
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYung-Yu Chen (Supervisor)

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