Rules of Attraction: Do More Knowledgeable Wine Consumers Prefer Channels That Offer More Information?

  • 陳 泰宇

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The wine market in Taiwan has been steadily growing for over a decade only slightly shrinking 0 5% in 2008 during the global financial crisis Yet there have been very few studies on the Taiwan wine market Considering the complexity of information on wine a product with hundreds of thousands of labels produced around the world this study examines the influence of information in consumers’ choice of purchase channels Specifically this study examines the differences between consumers’ with high and low objective knowledge in terms of product involvement experience subjective knowledge and their choice of purchase channels which offer different amounts of wine information Data was gathered via an online questionnaire survey and included 112 samples The data was analyzed using descriptive statistics reliability test chi-square test independent sample t-test and Pearson correlation analysis Consumers of the high objective knowledge group were found to be more involved have higher confidence in their knowledge and preferred purchase channels with high available information An interesting finding was that the average experience of consumers in the high objective knowledge group was significantly lower than consumers in the low objective knowledge group indicating that a new generation of more involved consumers with higher levels of product knowledge has appeared This new generation of wine consumers spends significantly more (higher percentage) at channels with high available information (63 86% > 26 53%) compared with consumers in the low objective knowledge group
Date of Award2014 Aug 21
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorHuei-Ting Tsai (Supervisor)

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