Screening visual transduction related gene in Drosophila glia with electroretinogram

  • 高 梅婷

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Glial cells play an important role in the development and function of the nervous system Not only do they provide trophic support they also remove and recycle neurotransmitters for neurons When glial cells defected in visual system it would cause photoreceptor degeneration Alternatively glial cells regulate fly vision If glial cells malfunction it will influence neurotransmitter metabolism in Drosophila visual pathway Drosophila has a genome-wide transgenic RNAi library therefore most of genes can be manipulated individually To find out how might visual glial cells affect visual processing in adult Drosophila I used repoGal4 tubGal80ts driver to knockdown genes specifically in glia Using abnormal electroretinogram (ERG) as an indicator I found that 112 of 335 RNAi lines showed abnormal ERG Then three genes were selected We found that knockdown the gene anti-silencing factor 1 (asf1) RNA-binding protein (rbp9) and disc proliferation abnormal (dpa) were abnormal ERG With the knockdown of asf1 approximately 30% of the flies showed abnormality such as loss of transient weaker on/off-transient reversed off-transient or taking more time to resting potential The effect of knockdown rbp9 on flies was little in all of the flies only one showed reversed off-transient The flies with knockdown of dpa increased randomly intrinsic noise in ERG recording in an age-dependent fashion In addition two flies showed weaker off-transient and two flies took more time to resting potential The ERG phenotype of knockdown asf1 rbp9 and dpa are similar to the aberrant ERG found in neurotransmitter dysregulated flies Consequently I considered that these three genes may affect ERG through synaptic cleft regulation These information is crucial for further works to understand the potential impact of these genes on Drosophila visual system
Date of Award2016 Aug 2
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorTsyr-Huei Chiou (Supervisor)

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