Secure Computing through Homomorphic Encryption on A Peer-Servicing Public Cloud Computing Platform

  • 蔡 維宸

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


With the huge amount of information era is coming and cloud computing is more universal The advantages of cloud computing include reduced costs easy maintenance and re-offering the resources thereby increasing profits But how to ensure data security maintain client confidentiality of personal information is an important issue on cloud computing security On the cloud computing applications in order to avoid malicious attacks and data theft homomorphic encryption system provides an excellent solution The structure of fully homomorphic encryption originated in 2009 as proposed by Gentry which allows a worker without the secret decryption key to compute any result of the data on one hand and still keep the data privacy on the other hand This thesis proposes a system that utilizes fully homomorphic computation to process the customer's encrypted data and get the right result without the need to decrypt the data in the whole process there is a secure problem when data entrusted to a third party and it is able to resolve In addition we built this system on a peer-servicing public cloud computing platform and to avoid system crash caused by single user offline However confidentiality integrity and availability of information security are core criterions we combine homomorphic scheme with garbled circuits to provide a mechanism of verifiable computation and we utilize information security mechanisms to prove the secure strength of this system
Date of Award2015 Jul 29
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorSheng-Tzong Cheng (Supervisor)

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