Semi quantum protocols using single photons: Semi quantum key distribution and Semi quantum private comparison

  • 林 柏樺

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


This thesis tries to use the properties of the single photons to design secure and lightweight protocol in the “semi quantum” environment This thesis first points out that an SQKD protocol was proposed by Sun et al [41] has a security loophole Then inspired by Sun et al ’s protocol we propose the equations which use the correlation between single photons and Bell measurement According to these equations we propose a mediated SQKD protocol and an SQPC protocol which allow two “classical” participants to share a secret key with each other or to compare the equality of their secrets with the help of a dishonest Third-Party (TP) and an almost-dishonest TP respectively The TP in these protocols can perform any possible attacks except colluding with any participant to reveal participants’ secrets In the above two protocols TP only needs to generate single photons instead of generating entangled states (Bell states) Moreover by using the fundamental properties of single photons we further propose a mediated SQKD protocol which allows all participants (include a dishonest TP) only to use single photons This protocol not only reduces the requirement of the quantum devices for a dishonest TP but also makes the QKD protocols more practice Besides the proposed protocols can be applied to other security issues (i e the trap comparison method the stranger environment and the multi-party environment) with small adjustments
Date of Award2018 Aug 29
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorTzone-Lih Hwang (Supervisor)

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