Service Design Principles of Co-experience: An Example of Co-cooking

  • 呂 姵儀

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In this modern society with highly developed consumption structure people could no longer be satisfied with just the readily available substances but with a memorable experience emotionally In recent years the awareness of food safety issues has been raised and brought a trend of self-cooking in Taiwan There is an increasing number of people that prefer to cook by themselves Unlike how people do about eating out in the past people only wanted to meet the physical needs quickly It is not only for health but also for achievement and fun In this study we selected the co-cooking activity of Feed Me Better as the case which is an experience-centric service It mainly provides customers with the thematic cooking and special social experience However for service delivery it is difficult to create a good service experience and to determine whether they have precisely conveyed their concept or not This is a participatory action research In this study we explore the experience-centric service design principles in co-experience service model through co-kitchen practice First we try to understand the feelings and experiences of the customers for the existing service through the in-depth interview and the experience-centric service design principles to examine the customer experience of the co-cooking activity Furthermore the service co-creation workshop was held to improve the existing service from the interview data According to the result of co-creation workshop a new service blueprint would be made and the new service would be implemented of the service Finally we would explore whether the experience-centric design principles could improve the co-cooking activity experience design The results of the study show that experience-centric service design principles are the general principles For different characteristic services the principle emphasis levels are different Regarding co-cooking activity experience design the customer segmentation of each theme and customers’ role setting should be emphasized
Date of Award2016 Aug 2
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYuan-Chi Tseng (Supervisor)

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