Silicon Carbide and Conductive Carbon Coated Silicon Flake for Application to Anode of Lithium Ion Battery

  • 何 佳霖

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


A thermal chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method is used to grow silicon carbide and deposit conductive carbon as a buffer layer on surfaces of the silicon flake and coating resorcinol–formaldehyde (RF) resins is used as the outermost protective layer By taking advantage of the high strength and toughness of silicon carbide (SiC) a SiC layer is introduced between the inner silicon and outer carbon layers to inhibit the formation of Li2SiF6 The Si-carbon composite as an anode exhibited the reversible capacity of 1099? mAh g?^(-1) at 500? mA g?^(-1) after 80 cycles
Date of Award2020
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYon-Hua Tzeng (Supervisor)

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