Single image dehazing based on vector quantization

  • 溫 瑞強

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The proposed method is based on McCartney’s optical haze model and uses a novel approach to estimate transmission According to the literature the major problem is estimating the transmission in the model-based method This study trains plenty of haze-free and hazy images as codebooks with LBG algorithm Then it is used to estimate transmission with matching In order to speed up the process the input image is down-sampled before refining with guided image filter It not only can reduce processing time but also can preserve the quality of restored images RGB dark channel and contrast values are regarded as features while training codebooks and estimating transmission The transmission can be selected accurately because dark channel and contrast feature have complementarity The experiment results show that the haze-free high-intensity objects can avoid over dehazing and keep the foreground of restored images more natural The details of recovered images are also clearer
Date of Award2015 Jul 30
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorShen-Chuan Tai (Supervisor)

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