Specification Study and Finite Element Analysis of Track-Bridge Interaction

  • 謝 孟庭

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


At present analysis and verification of track-bridge interaction (TBI) induced by continuous welded rail (CWR) in Taiwan mainly refer to UIC774-3R (MRT High-Speed Rail) and Japanese specification (TRA) For the purposes of discussing the differences of two target specification and TBI phenomenon comprehensive simulation methods were established in this thesis Firstly the introduction of CWR the mechanism of TBI the main contents and differences of two target specifications were summarized through literature review Secondly SAP2000 is used to establish a TBI model according to the relevant parameters provided by UIC774-3R The analysis results were compared with those in literature to verify the correctness of this TBI model and then explored the sensitivity of different parameters to TBI effect Thirdly Taidong Duoliang rerouting section was built in SAP2000 The calculation procedures and inspection items of two specifications and then the influences of fasteners clamping force on TBI were discussed in this part Finally instead of the complex bridge foundations a simplified model was established to decrease the calculation time The results of it were compared with the original model and discussed the difference between two methods of TBI analysis (linear superposition and step-by-step method) By adjusting the relevant parameters it can be concluded that the longitudinal resistance provided by the fasteners/ballast is the most important cause of TBI under thermal variation Furthermore according to the analysis results of case study it can be estimated that the Japanese norms should be more suitable in Taiwan because of the similar geographical environments Lastly the results of simplified model are consistent with the original model in rail stress (error less than 10%) In the future the simplified model is useful to initial inspection of TBI problems
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChen-Ming Kuo (Supervisor)

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