Structural Effect on Organogelations and Physical Properties - Synthesis and Characterization of Phenylene Derived Gelators

  • 陳 治均

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Two thermo-reversible organogelators C11 and AC11 were synthesized The gelation behaviors of synthesized compounds were investigated in various organic solvents while both of them could gelate lots of solvents due to flexibilities of long carbon chain The morphologies of gels could be altered through different solvent confirmed by SEM and TEM observations The temperature-dependent 1H-NMRs verified that van der Waals forces and π-π interactions acted as driving forces leading to gelators self-assembling into three-dimensional networks To further understand thermal stability and aging effect of gels plots of Tgel against time elapsed were carried out in a variety of organic solvents in groups of C11 AC11 and equimolar mixture of C11 and AC11 separately The results suggested that mixing several gelators was probable to elevate thermal properties if there were proper molecular associations Liquid crystal physical gels were also prepared by mixing liquid crystal HSG22200 and low concentration of gelators and the phase diagrams of mixtures were completed The Tsol–gels of the mixtures based on C11 were lower than those of the gels based on AC11 gelators indicating that the interactions among C11 were lower than that of AC11 Besides increased concentration of gelators resulted in the formation of the network with stronger molecular associations leading to improved thermal stability preferable for practical uses
Date of Award2016 Jul 14
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJui-Hsiang Liu (Supervisor)

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