Study of CuPc loaded on NiO Nanosheets as Spintronic Application

  • 如 芬亞

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


A combination of CuPc and NiO for solar water splitting is not optimal It can be caused by lower activity and not a proper band gap position To solve this problem spin polarization is applied Antiferromagnetic CuPc and NiO show great exchange bias effects that able to be used in spintronic devices Here we demonstrate the conversion of the circular polarization of laser into higher activity in water splitting and creating a domain wall on NiO and CuPc We combine electrical measurements and micromagnetic simulation of domain wall on roughness NiO The presence surface defect of Ni3+ ion count net magnetization and spin-reorientation which established by the magnetic measurement and electric spin polarization in water splitting The spin polarization of NiO also induced by the presence of the antiferromagnetic domain walls which led to spatial inversion symmetry breaking Moreover increasing magnetic anisotropy and DMI at CuPc/NiO domain wall appear to subsequently evolve into a smaller size that obtained 22 53 A/m2 as the highest current density in the water-splitting system Furthermore we also made quantum computing for domain wall applications with the optical circuit should be a way to realize future spintronic devices
Date of Award2020
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYen-Hsun Su (Supervisor)

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