Study of Measurement and Allocation of Partial Discharge Sources in Power Equipment

  • 謝 如主

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


This dissertation presents the study of measurement and allocation of partial discharge (PD) sources in power equipment The epoxy resin insulator power cable and gas insulated load break switches (GILBS) are included in power equipment First of all the epoxy resin insulator is discussed performance characteristics of aging Next proposes an approach to show patterns of signal that detected by using electric and acoustic emission (AE) methods can be used for the identification of partial discharge (PD) events in power cable Therefore this dissertation proposes an approach for location of partial discharge sources in the power cable and gas insulated load break switches using probabilistic neural networks (PNN) and the fuzzy c-means clustering approach (FCM) Three different defect positions are designed in the power cable and gas insulated load break switches The three different defect positions of partial discharge occurrence are located by the proposed method Discrete wavelet transform (DWT) is employed to suppress noises of measured signals by the high-frequency current transformer (HFCT) The white Gaussian noise which simulates the high noise environment are added to the partial discharge signals when making measurements The proposed method can assist electrical engineers to make accurate statistical judgments To accurately discover the different defect positions the proposed method uses feature extraction and statistical analysis of the measured signals Lastly experimental results validate that the proposed approach can effectively determine the location of partial discharge sources in practical partial discharge measurement
Date of Award2014 Aug 13
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorCheng-Chi Tai (Supervisor)

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