Study of Vibration Experiments for Bridges and High-tech Building

  • 游 舜崴

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


There are two parts of the vibration experiments in this thesis the first part is to measure the weighing truck vibration of the bridge and the second part is to measure the crane vibration of the high-tech factory The field experiments will compare with the finite element simulations to know the dynamic behaviors of the bridge and the high-tech factory First the bridge experiment used accelerometers to measure the vibration induced by the heavy truck and checked the maximum displacement of the bridge in safety according to the bridge standard After this experiment and the bridge open to traffic in order to observe the dynamic behavior of the bridge in the ordinary time and the earthquake the study mounted the long-time monitoring system on the two piers of the bridge Second the high-tech factory experiment was located at Southern Taiwan Science park and used accelerometers to measure the vibration induced by the crane in the high-tech factory and then analyzed the data by the finite element modeling to kwon the vibration impacts of the structure due to the speed and mass of the crane This experimental result can be directly used to investigate the vibration behavior in the high-tech building Moreover it can be also used to validate the finite element results
Date of Award2016 Aug 4
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorShen-Haw Ju (Supervisor)

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