Study on the recovery of Zinc from Municipal Solid Waste incineration fly ash

  • 黃 信翔

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Over one million tons of MSW incineration fly ash is generated annually in recent years in Taiwan Only a few percent of the ash was used as a raw material for other utilities other than landfill Fly ash contains many harmful heavy metals such as Cd and Cr etc In addition fly ash contains many valuable metals such as Zn Ga etc In order to recover Zn metal from fly ash this paper first design an experiment to know the fly ash’s physical and chemical property Then treatment processes such as water leaching acid leaching and ion exchange were used Test samples were subjected to FTIR SEM XRD XRF and AA to understand their physical and chemical property Then water leaching was conducted with optimum experimental conditions Acid leaching was conducted by using two different acid (hydrochloric and sulfuric) to extract target metal ions and finally the ion exchange process was conducted to concentrated and recover the target metal ions The optimum process was developed to recover zinc from municipal solid waste incineration bottom and fly ash Aqueous solution containing approximately 1 wt% of zinc was obtained by leaching with sulfuric acid Zn was then concentrated by using a chelating resin IRC-747 in column mode Resin adsorption amount for Zn was 2 7~3 2 g/l
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYun-Hwei Shen (Supervisor)

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