Study on the religion and religion activities of Grand Guanyin Pavilion Xing-ji Temple in Tainan

  • 黃 鈴雅

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Grand Guanyin Pavilion Xing-ji Temple(大觀音亭興濟宮) is a temple with a long history and incense in Tainan The two temples were created during the Ming-Zheng Period The nature of the medicinal god of Baosheng Dadi(保生大帝) and the spirit of compassion and relief of Guanyin(觀音) all have the effect of comforting the spirit of the believers In addition the Grand Guanyin Pavilion Xingji Palace is an extremely early temple created by the local community It is closely related to the development of the region Due to its long history and many defensive deeds it has become an important center of faith in the locality This article takes Tainan Grand Guanyin Pavilion Xing-ji Temple as the research object The research scope is the Baosheng Dadi Hu Ye(虎爺) Guanyin Yue Lao(月老) ceremony and religion activities And expands the activities of temple cultural preservation and social contribution Grand Guanyin Pavilion Xing-ji Temple has deep value and significance in many aspects such as religion history and culture Observing the past present and future of this temple we can see the richness and uniqueness of Taiwanese folk culture This article is based on this in-depth discussion of the belief and belief activities of the Grand Guanyin Pavilion Xing-ji Temple and the multicultural meaning contained therein
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYi-Yuan Chen (Supervisor)

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