Study on the Transferring State of the Full Digital Grid-connected Bidirectional DC-AC Converter

  • 陳 佶郁

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In this thesis a full digital grid-connected bidirectional DC-AC converter based on H-bridge converter for microgrid system is implemented Converter outputs constant AC current during DC-AC mode for parallel operation with power grid Converter outputs constant voltage during AC-DC mode in which maintains the voltage level of DC bus During AC-DC mode converter works as a bridgeless power factor corrector Therefore power factor can be increased This thesis analyze each equivalent circuits and operating modes including inverter mode PFC mode and transferring state The processes of component parameter design are also presented in this thesis Furthermore control methods and program flow charts of variable structure system (VSS) control in inverter mode is described Control methods and program flow charts of average current control in PFC mode are developed Finally a prototype converter with 220vrms AC bus 400V DC bus and the rated power is 1 kW is implemented The experimental results demonstrate the feasibility of the implemented converter
Date of Award2016 Jul 13
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJiann-Fuh Chen (Supervisor)

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