Sustainable Fishing Huts - Representation and Renovation of Aquaculture Landscapes

  • 吳 至強

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Chianan coastal region has played an important role in the development of aquaculture in Taiwan This thesis is aimed at discussing the environmental issues of fish farming and lifestyles of the fishermen through a series of field investigation in Chiayi Budai and Tainan Cigu respectively By using the participatory planning methodology the first stage begins with a series of questionnaire and survey in Chiayi Budai Xinwen region It can be noted that after statistical analysis the most common subjects local people are paying attention to are flood protection fish farming and so on At the second stage fishponds in Tainan Cigu region is chosen as the site to conduct architecture design based on previous study and findings “Water” is the core of the industrial system To distinguish the differences between deep and shallow fishponds as well as their distribution this study uses comprehensive analysis of mapping methods pointing out a range of diverse events on the landscape which includes production ecology and human activities etc and combines with environmental investigation records and fishermen’s needs The outcome of architecture design tries to improve the predicament of the site and renew the industrial landscape in an eco-friendly way
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorHsiao-Wen Wang (Supervisor)

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