Sustainable Performance and Relationships between Indicators in CSR reports of Construction Companies

  • 陸 念雅

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Sustainable development has become an important topic in the world It is essential for a company to know if its activities and performance are sustainable Sustainability indicators are used to measure the sustainability of a company’s performance The purpose of this study is to find the relationships between environmental economic and social indicators in the CSR reports of three years of eight construction-related companies based on the GRI guidelines and derive which companies are more sustainable CSR reports were analyzed to evaluate the sustainable performance of four contractors two developers and two suppliers Relevant activities or measures performed in the companies were reviewed to explain their sustainable performance The results indicate that the average disclosure rate are 62% 82% and 62% in the environmental economic and social category respectively Concerning the relationships between indicators EN3 (energy consumption) is positively related to EN8 (total water withdrawal) with a correlation of 0 76 EC1 (direct economic value generated) is positively related to EN16 (total direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions) with a correlation of 0 88 meaning more projects generate more emissions EN28 (monetary sanctions for noncompliance with environmental laws) has a strong positive relationship with all indicators analyzed A comparison was made between the contractors developers and suppliers and one contractor has the best sustainable performance
Date of Award2015 Jul 15
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorAndrew S. Chang (Supervisor)

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