Swinging in the legend between art and business Chinese calendar poster painter HANG Zhi-ying

  • 沈 靖娟

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Calendar poster is the product of advertising for dumped goods China was forced to open a trading port in 1843 due to the defeat of the Opium War Western culture and commercial activities entered China Hang Zhiying (1900-1947) established a studio to react to the rapid demand in the market He combined the Chinese and Western painting techniques and reform of printing and photography the inspiration of the film He applied the skills what he had learned to the creation of the Calendar poster In his short 47-year career he has achieved extraordinary success in the arts or business This research is based on the study of the following three themes from the perspective of Hang Zhiying in this trend First I want to understand the evolution and artistic presentation of the old Shanghai Calendar Painting Secondly I analyze the artistic achievements and influence factors of Hang Zhiying's Calendar Painting Finally I explored how he pushed his Calendar Painting career to the peak in the process of setting up a Zhi-ying’s studio and the dilemma between art positioning and commercial interests The study found that Hang Zhiying complemented his Calendar poster artistic creation through the management the Zhi-ying studio pattern Let me understand the possibilities of combining art and business
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYi-Fang Wu (Supervisor)

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