Synesthesia for Visual and Tactual Sensations - Key Factors for Successful Marketing of Stone Paper Notebooks

  • 陳 重志

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


SUMMARY Human’s participation in this constantly changing world not only relied on observing the things happening around us with our eyes but sought to enhance the quality of life by involving several senses multisensory experience to process information effectively Based on the study of anthropology the ability to reproduce and pass on the knowledge to generations in human’s cultural evolution inspired people nowadays to develop an approach to keep information from prehistory The existence of written records showed a permanent technique that human keep the messages on stones murals and papers However the digital innovations could not guarantee a long-term storage of our message compared to messages written on papers with an appropriate conservation This case study was based on a practice of how to keep written messages permanently on papers with a nostalgia connection to a touch of the product itself With the innovative materials used for stone papers now the brand and the product of the notebooks in my company have caught many attentions on the market for 19 years The aim of this study was to focus on the transformation of its touch looking and the benefits of the materials of the stone paper notebooks over traditional paper market The study will demonstrate in two dimensions: (1) The experience from users’ perspectives of the touch and the looking of the stone paper notebook (2) The value of the notebook with its connection of customer’s personal association to the use of stone paper notebooks compared with regular notebook Given the unique characteristics of stone paper notebook the study presented a growth of the sales revenue increased by an impulse purchase from customers The result of this study conducted that the action of impulse buying stone paper notebook among most of customers could be influenced by the trend of the use of the materials of stone paper and the value of the product itself Furthermore opportunities that allowed customers to experience the touch of the stone paper in store promoted the value of the company’s brand However the study suggested that an engagement of the representatives from the business would potentially improve its sales on the market For example efficiently reaching out to the customers with different events offered for experiencing the product In addition the impacts on collecting customers’ feedback will also give a significant insight into the marketing and design team to understand customers’ needs in the future Keywords: Notebooks Stone paper Synesthesia for visual and tactual sensations marketing strategy consumer behavior
Date of Award2021
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChun-Juei Chou (Supervisor)

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