Syntheses and Reactivity of High-valent Vanadium Complexes Baring with (Thiolato)Phosphine Ligands

  • 林 鼎鈞

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Metal complexes containing thiyl radical play important roles for inducing protein damage In order to understand the reaction of thiyl radical with biomolecules lots of efforts have been devoted to understand the fundamental chemistry of metal thiolate complexes that might potentially have metal-bound thiyl radical Based on these motivations we have devoted to study vanadium thiolate complexes with the interest of understanding vanadium chemistry relevant to biological systems At this particular work four vanadium complexes have been synthesized and characterized They are [V(PS3”)(PS2”SH)] (1) [VIV(PS3”)(S-SPS1”)] (2) [VIV(PS3”)(S-SOPS1”)] (3) and [VIV(PS3”)(RPS1”)L] (4) (L = H2O or CH3CN) The molecular structures are shown below The chemistry of these complexes are further developed and reported here
Date of Award2020
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorHua-Fen Hsu (Supervisor)

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