Synthesis and Applications of Indium Oxide Nanowires

  • 劉 欣

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In this study we have successfully synthesized Indium Oxide nanowires through Vapor-Liquid-Solid method by using conventional furnace system We found that if the growth temperature increases the radius of nanowires would decrease from 500nm to 100nm with the length increasing from 5?m to 20?m Moreover we changed the positions of the substrates and founded that if we put the substrate reversely the nanotowers would be synthesized Subsequently these two kinds of nanostructures were analyzed by EDX and XRD The measured result shows that nanowires and nanotowers synthesized in our study are Indium Oxide and cubic structure In the application section we first discussed the impact causing by different sizes of nanowires We can obtain that the device fabricated by the narrowest nanowires of 100nm has the better sensitivity than others Then we investigated the gas sensor device working at different temperatures and founded that it had the highest sensitivity at working temperature of 300℃ Finally we use different kinds of gas including methanol ethanol and acetone as target gas and demonstrated that the device in our paper had good selectivity toward ethanol Another application is Field Emission device Nanowire has the turn-on field of 3 4 V/?m and nanotower has the turn-on field of 2 5 V/?m Both of them have higher β value that are 3590 for the nanotowers and 2123 for the nanowires So we can demonstrate that gas sensors or electrical devices based in nanowires in this study have excellent performance
Date of Award2014 Jan 14
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJone-Fang Chen (Supervisor)

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