Testing the Effect of eSport Spectators’ Motivations on their Consumption Behavior: Comparison between a Real-time Strategy Game and a Card Game

  • 花 岳彤

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


With the rise in popularity of the eSports industry research in this area has been frequently mentioned in recent years Motivations are important antecedents that influence the consumption behaviors of sport spectators In this study the motivations that were adopted from the Uses and Gratifications Theory (UGT) were cognitive affective personal integrative social integrative and tension release However the relationship among the motivations of eSport spectators has often been neglected The aim of this study is thus to clarify what motivations affect consumers of eSports and how these motivations interact In this study the independence models and competing models were measured for the spectator groups of League of Legends and Hearthstone for discussion This study used an online survey and purposive sampling to collect the data The sample (n=574) was collected from online communities The statistical technique of structural equation modeling (SEM) was used to analyze the data The analyses were conducted using SPSS 17 0 and Amos 17 0 to test the research models The findings showed that cognitive and personal integrative motivations have significant positive effects on the consumption behavior of spectators of Hearthstone; affective motivation has a significant positive effect on consumption behavior for spectators of League of Legends; and social integrative motivation has significant positive effects on consumption behavior in both games The results reveal the motivation effect on consumption behavior of different games and practiced UGT the cognitive-affective relationship and the relationship between social needs and affective motivation in the eSport area
Date of Award2016 Sep 1
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorShang-Chun Ma (Supervisor)

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