The Application of Cultural Realism and Virtualism on Cultural Creative Products

  • 汪 銘峯

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


With the development of globalization science and technology have almost dominated human life Besides rational science and technology mankind needs emotional cultural uniqueness even more The former is known to mankind in a straightforward way while the latter is hidden with cultural features unknown to mankind In the era of popularization of science and technology humans have made breakthrough in hardware to improve life quality which led to the flourishing development of the software industry make the culture create the unprecedented opportunity for the advancement of technology As culture has brought unlimited possibility and business opportunities the countries propose the cultural and creative industry to strengthen the distinctive feature of their own to distinguish the cultural differences of every country and to avoid assimilation of powerful countries and neighbor countries thereby revitalize the economy of that country In countries affected by Austronesian culture such as Taiwan and New Zealand the rules by the Eastern and Western colonial powers caused impact of different cultural uniqueness which led to cultural differences It’s important to figure out the way to integrate exclusive cultures into diverse cultures in order to identify the cultural features of the country promote the country’s culture to others and realize the goal of the cultural and creative industry Therefore the purpose of the study is to provide a culture-based creative product design method for designers The old concepts of both Chinese and Western philosophies concerning deconstruction of construction of people matters time places objects and phenomena appear to be overly theoretical in terms of modern research There are always some gaps between the concept and practice which cannot solve the crucial problems that designers encounter when deconstructing and constructing the culture As a result designers use excessive personal experiences of making black box decisions and cannot give clear and reasonable explanation which will lead to more obscure and conflicting situations Designers often encounter bottlenecks when conceiving a design and cannot design and develop more smoothly and efficiently making it difficult to precisely grasp the cultural essence and incorporated it into products The design model for the present study is based on national and international literature that analyzed symbolism metaphysics three layered culture reverse-triangular cultural space Zen aesthetics etc and honest feedback based on the actual feeling towards the culture The difference of Laozi’s philosophy in this model can contribute to the different cognition of the culture in various aspects in the time axis and provide diverse views of the culture Therefore this study proposed the theory of “Cultural Realism and Virtualism” by introducing philosophical and mathematical methods and applying the concept of ‘virtualism’ and ‘realism’ to deconstruct and construct cultural elements and implement the design of cultural and creative products such as complex variable fuzzy theory structure variation and color evaluation Finally through the result of the design of case Culture-based Creative Products developed from Austronesian language from New Zealand and Taiwan fulfilled the purpose that the theory has been realized in practice and the products successfully entered the markets allowing Taiwanese to respect understand accept and appreciate the culture through product exhibition Therefore this study is proved to be able to make fundamental contributions to culture business education society and country effectively
Date of Award2016 Sep 8
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorShih-Wen Hsiao (Supervisor)

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