The Correlation Study of Interface Complexity and User Trust in On-line Shopping

  • 曾 凱緹

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Perceived visual aesthetics of a web site positively affects a user's credibility assessment of the site and less visual complex web page is associated with more favorable attitudes toward the page Here we further investigate whether the visual complexity of a web site affects its aesthetic preference and as a consequence is associated with the users’ credibility Three experiments with on-line payment scenario were conducted Experiment 1 shows users trust pages with higher text-based complexity more Experiment 2 shows perceived image-based complexity is negatively correlated with credibility Experiments 3 further separate visual complexity into text-based complexity and image-based complexity to help identify whether the text-based or image-based complexity may affect credibility and aesthetic preferences on web page Our results show that text-based complexity and image-based complexity have different effects on the credibility of on-line shopping site Designers can decrease image-based complexity of a web site to increase users’ aesthetic preference and trust This work can serve as the fundament to develop an automatic evaluation tools to predict the users’ trust and preference of a web page based on the visual complexity computation
Date of Award2014 Jul 29
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYuan-Chi Tseng (Supervisor)

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