The Design of Metallic Film-Coated Dual-Tapered Fiber Sensors

  • 陳 韋傑

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


We reported the design of dual-tapered shape in single-mode fiber and explore the potential applications on sesnors and band-pass filters After fiber is removed the jacket and buffer the core and cladding of fiber is heated and extruded The fiber shape is changed to a taper tye The related parameters are obtained such as length and waist diameter of dual-tapered fiber is about 10 mm and 30 μm to 80 μm respectively The surface of tapered region is coated with metallic film by physical vapor deposition (PVD) The thickness of metallic film is about 80 nm We can get our dual-tapered fibers with the different metallic films from above process About the optical system we use a white light laser as a light source that the wavelength range is from visible to near-infrared bewteen 450 nm to 2400 nm The advantage is rapid identification that the phenomenon is generated for specific wavelengths We also employ the single-frequency tunable laser as another light source that central wavelength can be tuned between 840 nm to 868 nm The wavelength resolution of infrared laser is below 0 1 nm According to theoretical predictions we expect the interference is generated when the light passes through the dual-tapered fiber The result of interference is obviously in visible light without metallic film After the surface with metallic film the interference is obviously in near-infrared The SPR affects the intensity for specific wavelengths on tapered region Finally we are successful to identify the different refractive index by our design
Date of Award2014 Jul 29
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorHsiang-Chen Chui (Supervisor)

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