The Development of Fermat’s Last Theorem in 19th Century

  • 吳 柏寬

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The Fermat’s Last Theorem was first conjectured in 17th Century since than many mathematicians tried hard to solve it Although it has been totally proved by now but this article will focus on the development of Fermat’s Last Theorem in 19th Century and its background theories that is the research which made by Kummer Includes Bernoulli Numbers Cyclotomic Field Ideals Regular Primes and Kummes’s Lemma and use these theorems we’ve learned and some algebraic number theory to help us rewrite the Kummer’s prove for Fermat’s Last Theorem The main idea of the prove is to separate the theorem into two case: The power doesn’t divides any of the variables; and the power divides one of the variables Both of them are proved by contradiction but the later one is also using Infinite Descent
Date of Award2017 Jul 22
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorPo-Yi Huang (Supervisor)

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