The Directing and Creative Process in Immersive Theatre “The Menagerie”

  • 黃 均荏

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


There are a lot of concepts about the word“immersive” Some people say that the concept of immersive experience may come from people who always want to get the deepest experience or you can say that they want to immerse in something especially in entertainment including games movies even theatres Therefore the immersive game starts to rise as escape room VR (virtual reality) etc And the part of the film such as 3D movies and 4D movies creating different visual sensory experiences The emergence of immersive theatre does not restrict the audience to sit in a proper position to watch performances It begins to break the spatial form of the general theater directly allowing the audience to scrutinize the plot and even directly allows the audience to enter the play and become a part of the performance And the audience and the characters can interact close in the immersive theatre through the comprehensive interaction of the five senses of the human body: touch sight hearing smell and taste allowing participants to "immerse themselves" As an audience he also becomes one of the actors Immersive theatre is a form of theatre that allows the audience to wander between virtual and reality By creating the story the audience is drawn into it but it also unlimited to the development of all participants in the theatre So that everyone can use logical thinking and five senses to explore themselves This thesis will discuss the production of an immersive theatre which is called "The Menagerie " And I will focus on the directing and my creative process to write the project report In addition to discussing the emergence and evolution of immersive theatre in the pre-work and referring to related concepts related theatre performances and also central ideas of the director when creating this immersive theatre including analysis of the script How to use the above points to affect the audience’s five senses are important In the end I hope that through this immersive performance I can learn how the directing affects the audience Including the influence of the interaction between the performers and the audience the effect of the use of space on the audience and finally the evolution of the plot in the use of these directing techniques Then it will be compared discussed finally self-examined and improved on the flaws in the experiment It is hoped that audiences or readers who are fond of immersive theatre or the concept of immersive will be more understanding here and it will provide researchers in Taiwan who want to study the concept of immersive as a research reference
Date of Award2021
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorMei-hua Kao (Supervisor)

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