The Effect of Different Advertising Appeals on Advertising Effect of Microfilm

  • 王 鈺炘

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In recent years with the popularity of free online video platforms and accessibility to the Internet more and more people switch from traditional televisionbroadcast to digital channels for entertainments (PSRAI 2013) which greatly lowers the possibilities for consumers exposing to the traditional TV commercials To reach consumers in a more effective way a new arising marketing tool microfilm adverting becomes gradually popular Different from traditional commercials online microfilm advertisingembeds the advertised message into a complete story with movie-like scene and style and will only broadcast in online platforms This study adopts transportation theory to comparethe adverting effect of microfilm advertisings using different advertising appeals Three aspects attitude toward the ad attitude toward the brand and sharing intention were used to examine the advertising effect Two advertising appeals emotional message appeal and rational-functional appeal were adopted in the study The results indicate that the microfilmadvertising with emotional message appeal resulted in higher transported effect and better advertising effect The participants of microfilmadvertising with emotional message appeal had more positive attitude toward the ad and brand and were more willing to share the films to their friends According to the results in the study it is better for the corporations to adoptemotional message appeal when using online microfilm ads as marketing tool
Date of Award2017 Sep 1
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorMeng-Kuan Lai (Supervisor)

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