The Effect of Inhibiting and Enabling Factor On Freemium Mobile Game

  • 高 世南

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Keywords: Freemium game In-app purchase Flow Status-Quo Bias IS Dual Factor Control Skill/Challenge Loss Aversion Cognitive Inertia Regret Avoidance Cognitive Lock-in There is a big problem behind freemium business model in mobile application when people could download and use application for free that makes developer suffer because of it This research tries to investigate what factors that urge people to do in-app purchase and do not This research applied IS dual factor model as a theoretical lens towards behavioral intention that linked flow theory and status quo bias theory an enabler and an inhibitor The enabler part we employed experimental design with 3x2 factorial design using two variables which are control and skill/challenge to see the different effect among groups towards perceived enjoyment as flow experience The lower part as an inhibitor we applied questionnaire design to see what factors could influence player’s resistance to buy in-game item The result interestingly showed that imbalance condition could induce flow more than balance condition Further all variables are mostly supported except regret avoidance
Date of Award2018 Aug 3
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJeng-Chung Chen (Supervisor)

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