The Effects of Overeducation and Mismatch on Job Satisfaction

  • 子揚 趙

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The purpose of present study has threefold. First was to construct subjective and objective assessments to measure overeducation and job-education mismatch. Second was to investigate the incremental variance of job satisfaction that overeducation and job-education mismatch could account for. Third was to explore the path of mismatch to job satisfaction mediated by salary for groups of adequate, over-, and under-education. After comparing the results of contingent tables and χ^2 tests, the subjective approach was selected to use for subsequent analysis. The hierarchical regression analyses showed that overeducation and job-education mismatch negatively affected job satisfaction after controlling for human resourse variables and salary. Finally, the mediating effects between salary and job satisfaction were not significant for adequate and over-educated groups but significant for under-educated group. Based on the findings, further direction for research and suggestion for policy were provided.
Date of Award2021
Original languageEnglish
Supervisor偉明 陸 (Supervisor)


  • over-education
  • mismatch
  • job satisfaction

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