The Gender Analysis of Lyrics in Chinese Songs.

  • 昀萱 周

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


This study focuses on the semantic gender analysis of the Mandarin popular songs. Our main goal is to realize the similarities and differences in depicting male and female idiosyncrasies among those lyrics. Our study analyzed 42 Mandarin songs from the annual top 100 pop songs voted by the broadcasting listeners. We probed the narrative contexts about depicting male with firmness and sense of responsibility and depicting female with submission and weakness respectively.
The followings are our conclusions: (1) In the lyrics, the traits such as “firmness” and “sense of responsibility” were only used for depicting male. (2) The traits such as “submission” and “weakness” were only used for depicting female. Particularly, there are up to 24 songs describing the tears of women. (3)Concerning the emotional expression, the males were restrained and depressive while the females were natural and straightforward. From the study above, it is clear that it is widely divergent from the two genders about expressing and dealing with emotions. Besides, the gender characteristics of “strong male” and “weak female” were presented in different forms.
From this study, we hope that we can raise the sensitivities of the readers and the audiences about the gender issues in the pop culture. We also hope that in the future, those pop lyrics may be used for designing teaching materials for education of gender and emotional issues.
Date of Award2013
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorMei-Tzu Tsai (Supervisor) & 偉明 陸 (Supervisor)


  • Chinese songs
  • gender
  • audiences
  • textual analysis

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