The Influence of Parcel Package Design on Customer Satisfaction and Repurchase Intention in E-commerce: A Study of Mainland Chinese Customers

  • 林 思萍

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In the global information technology environment the e-commerce is continuing to grow and improve E-commerce has become an important driving force for economic development in China Many small and medium enterprises seek business opportunities by utilizing e-commerce to win the market As a result the numbers of e-commerce are growing every year As many of businesses mostly use advertising media to boost sales a product itself must have its own way to attract its target market and increase customers’ attention Here the package is an important attribute in e-commerce business It is not only a part of logistics need but also a marketing tool to enhance brand image The customers’ experience in purchasing product from e-commerce is initially started from the moment when they receive the package However most of e-commerce firms have less intention towards the parcel packaging design This study focuses on the influence of parcel package design to customers’ satisfaction that may lead to customers’ repurchase intention The sampling of this study will be concentrated on China mainland population Survey questionnaires were distributed to China mainland population by using Sojump platform and other social media platform The important findings of this research are the important attributes in parcel packaging design that influence customers’ satisfaction and repurchase intention and also the evidence of design influence towards customers’ satisfaction and repurchase intention Lastly the relationship between customer satisfaction on parcel package design and repurchase intention is also provided The research finds that four attributes (visual identity product-related information value-added service and security) have significant impact on customer satisfaction The researcher also found that there is a positive relationship between customer satisfaction and repurchase intention The research collected 210 questionnaires of each category of product A total of 615 online questionnaires were successfully collected The findings also represented three different products which means that all attributes have significant impact on customer satisfaction regardless of product type The researches conducted interview to gain insight why each attributes is important in each product type Based on this finding researcher conducted extension study to understand the important each attributes of parcel package design in each type of product categories
Date of Award2016 Jan 27
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChia-Han Yang (Supervisor)

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